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If you are new to the Singapore Property Market, this is an overview of the type of housing available in Singapore.

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The Singapore Property Market can be categorized based on ownership, whether its privately or publicly owned.

Public Housing / HDB Flats

Public housing refers to those under the purview of the Housing & Development Board or better known as HDB Flats. (There are also HDB terrace units but these are extremely rare so we shall not elaborate on these for now). HDB manages the development and sale of new flats, overlooks the transactions of resale HDB flats as well as manages rental units for low income households.

HDB Flats are better known as subsidized housing sold on a 99 year lease. 80% of Singaporeans live in these flats and although they are subsidized, they are by no means cheap. Depending on the estate and proximity to public transportation and amenities, a 90 sqm 3-bedder can range between $380000 – $450 000 or even double of that if its in an estate close to the city, like the Pinnacle at Duxton. HDB Flats also do not come with facilities like a pool, private gyms etc.

To purchase a flat, you must meet their eligibility criteria, which is largely based on family nucleus and salary.

– Ownership of HDB flats

New HDB flats can only be purchased by eligible Singaporeans but resale HDB units can be purchased by Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents (PRs), although PRs cannot rent out their entire units.

Each Singaporean is allowed to purchase 2 new units in their lifetime.

-Housing Loans

Eligible Households can take a subsidized Housing Loan, which are subjected to a fixed 2.6% interest rate for 25 or 30 years.

Each Singaporean is eligible to 2 subsidized loans in their lifetime.


Private Housing : Apartments, Condos, Landed Housing.

In Singapore,private housing include High Rise Condominiums, Apartments ( i.e. those without facilities) and Landed units. They can either be on a 99 year lease, 999 year lease or on a freehold basis.

Although privately owned, they still come under the purview of the Urban Renewal Authority.

Foreigners are able to purchase strata-titled high rise apartments or condominiums.


Watch this informative video about the Singapore Property Market and common mistakes made by investors.

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