Location… Probably Heaven.. Homes you can’t stop dreaming about

Your home is your personal heaven. After a hard day’s work, you want nothing more than to come home to a place which melts away all your stress, and admit it, validates your choice to work so hard to pay off that mortgage.

These are 9 homes that we are so in love with.

1) The one where you can walk on water. 

Aquarium Homes Unique Homes

 Source : Homes With Stunning Aquariums

2. The one where you could watch a movie and go for a swim, AT THE SAME TIME (sorry we had to shout).

Unique swimming pools dream homes singapore Source : Buzzfeed.com

Now why didn’t we think of that? Pool party anyone?

3. The one where you could reminisce about your steampunk days

Steampunk room

Source : Indulgy.com

4. The one with the indoor treehouse.

tree house unusual decor singapore

Source : Offgridquest.com

5. The one where your life could be a scene in a movie.

Cinema Rooms


6. The one where you could live like British Royalty, every, single, day.

Uk Theme homes Property Singapore

Source : DesignFieldNotes.com

7. The one where you could jump off the balcony and into the pool.

Balcony Pool

Source : Buzzfeed.com

Somebody please send a memo to the developers please.

8. The one where you wear the crown.

Castle classy interior

Source: Tumblr

9. The one where you could live the zen life.

Zen decor room

Source : Home-designing.com


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