The 36 Things you Obviously need in your (Singapore) home

So you’re dying to make your home so unique, money’s no object. Here’s 6 options that suitable  for your Singapore Property, that might stoke your fancy.

Source: BuzzFeed’s ‘The 36 Things You Obviously Need in your home’.

Obviously, right?

1. A door that turns into a ping pong table.

Step aside Li Jiawei, nothing can come between you and that Olympic Medal, except of course the door. Secret Ping Pong Table Door - 36 things you obviously need in your home


2. A dining table Swing Set

How else do you get high on that tapau-ed Hokkien mee?

Swing Set Dining Table Property Singapore

3. A built in TV in your bathtub

Singaporeans are a stressed bunch. You no longer need to decide between soaking your worries away or catching up on missed tv programmes, now you can do both!

Built in TV Bathtub Property Singapore


4. Library Staircase Slide

I’ll be happy with the Library Staircase, but if you need to indulge, nothing says ‘me’ more than a slide.

Library Staircase Slide Property Singapore


5. A movable Balcony

Feeling claustrophobic? Just extend your balcony and you’re good to go!

Movable Extendable Balcony Property Singapore


6. A bathroom that resembles a beach

Vacation Deprived? Just spend more time in the bathroom. I wonder whether Xiaxue incorporated this bathroom in her Beach Vintage Themed house.

Beach Themed Bathroom Property Singapore

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